JST Jodie Semtex Extreme Review

You may have seen in the news over the past few months the dramatic change in the appearance of the former glamour model Jodie Marsh, who thanks to her new bodybuilding career has completely changed her look.

JST Jodie SEMTEX ExtremeNow Jodie has launched her own range of fat burners designed to help you reach your own perfect body shape.

JST Jodie Semtex Extreme is a fat burner that is claimed to combine some of the strongest and most effective weight loss and energy boosting ingredients available.

When combined with a healthy balanced diet it is said that the results you can achieve will be incredible.

How does Semtex Extreme work?

Semtex Extreme contains ingredients that can cause a process called thermogenesis to occur within your body.

This process is when your internal body temperature increases leading to an increase in your metabolism too.

Obviously when your metabolism is raised you will be able to burn off those excess calories and the stored fat. You will also notice that your energy levels will be increased, which is ideal if you want to work that little bit harder in the gym.

Semtex Extreme ingredients

Semtex Extreme is made from the following ingredients:

Brazilian Cocoa Prep: (Cocoa Extract, Colour: Caramel, Caffeine, Maltodextrin), Caffeine Anhydrous, Capsicum (Cayenne) Extract, Capsule Shell: Hydroxy Propyl Methyl Cellulose, Green Tea Leaf Extract, Guarana Prep: (Guarana Extract, Colour: Caramel, Caffeine, Maltodextrin), Niacin (Vitamin B3) as Nicotinic Acid, Acetyl (N) L-Cartitine, Maltodextrin, Bioperine (Black Pepper Extract).

How to take Semtex Extreme?

If you want to use Semtex Extreme purely as a weight loss aid then you should take 1 capsule twice a day. You should try and leave a 4-6 hour gap between doses.

Jodie Marsh body builderTo get the benefits of the extra energy before your workout you should take 2 capsules of this fat burner 45 minutes before you exercise.

Semtex Extreme side effects

Unfortunately Semtex Extreme contains a high dosage of Caffeine, which although proven to cause your metabolism to increase it also causes numerous side effects.

Although often mild, the side effects could include insomnia, irritability, the jitters, headaches and occasionally a rapid heartbeat.

You only have to look at some of the comments below to see what side effects have been reported.

Semtex Extreme conclusion

Although Semtex Extreme contains powerful ingredients unless you are willing to put up with the side effects you may be better off looking for an alternative.

You only need to look at the reviews below to see that although this fat burner does help to boost energy levels and therefore help push you that much harder in the gym it does come at a price with numerous reports of problems.

You also need to remember that although Jodie Marsh has certainly seen huge changes to her body, she has a small team around her making sure she looks her best at all times.

Alternative fat burner

Although Semtex Extreme has the celebrity endorsement of Jodie Marsh this does not mean that it is the best option for you. In fact there are a few other options on this very site that may be a better choice.

Semtex Comparison

Phen375 for example may be more expensive than Semtex Extreme but it contains less Caffeine so is actually a safer product.

Click here to read our review of Phen375

The second alternative to Semtex Extreme is Adiphene, which may be a relatively new addition but is quickly making waves across the dieting community.

Made from 12 natural weight loss ingredients Adiphene promises to help you slim in no time.

Click here to read our review of Adiphene

24 comments on "JST Jodie Semtex Extreme Review"
  1. Nice write up, very informative.

  2. Although the product is good and does what it is supposed to, I found myself getting really irritated after taking them.

    My friend took them around the same time as I did and she felt the same way.

    • No doubt this irritability is due to the high Caffeine content found within these fat burners.

      • Been taking these at least 2 weeks now all off a sudden got very very hot face burned up and all my arms wer bright red felt sick just put it down to not eating much with them then this mornig iv had porridge and taken my tablet and 30 mins after I’m covered head to toe in a bright red rash ! Feeling sick very hot ! There’s something dodge in these ! Not impresses especially how expensive they are

  3. I’ve been on them a week and a half and after the first day of taking them got ill.my glands swelled up and i lost energy,I’ve had a dry mouth and throat since taking them.I thought I had just got ill,but now I think it’s the Semtex.

  4. I’ve been taking them and have had no side effects. I think the irritability is due to the caffeine however, it gives u such an energy boost that u have to burn it off else you will find ya self climbing the walls. I have lost 3lbs in 2 days… I think everyone should try it for themselves everyone will react differently. My biggest tip is DON’T take it unless you intend to work out.

  5. Been using these for a week now one in morning after breakfast and 2 before i go gym.. I have lost 4 pounds :) they supress my hunger and give me more energy they do not make me feel light headed or dizzy.. The only downside is if i go to the gym about 6 and take one i struggle to get to sleep as fast as i normaly would. Would defo recomend tho

  6. Hi
    i have bought these tablets over a moth ago and been taking then for about 3 weeks now i have been training 3 times a week i havent lost a beam of weight? Please help?

  7. I only started taking two days ago, I took one after brekfast, then another around 4pm. I went to bed around 11pm and had approx 3 hours sleep! Very broken sleep, it was awful, so today I am only taking one and see how I get on with the sleep. I don’t feel as I have more energy though. When I take one I just get hot and sweaty, but that passes. Hope the insomnia goes soon and I really hope they work, gonna stick it out !

  8. People really pay £30.50 for glorified caffeine ?

  9. I bought these last week and was really excited about them cos I had read great weight loss stories on twitter…I took one yesterday before going to teach my aerobic class…I never made it to class though cos I ended up in a&e with a severe allergic reaction to them! gutted.I have no known allergies so no idea what ingredient I’m allergic too…..:(

  10. After searching for reviews from users and not finding a great deal I thought I’d just go ahead and try it. After ordering the Semtex it was here in no time, irrelevant to a review but ment I could start straight away. I took one at about 13:30 and even made a log on my phone just so I could monitor my energy levels. I noticed no change or any effect. At 17:00 I took another one, half an hour before my workout. 10 minutes into my workout after my warm up sets I really started to feel a serge of energy which gave me the jitters, a feeling very similar to adrenalin, Very light headed and hands were shaking. A result of this gave me huge positive physiological drive and strength to complete a really good workout that left me feeling really pumped.
    My workout was a 40 minute chest workout and continued to add weight throughout which I never do.
    Il admit to having this heightened energy level for well over 2 hours after leaving the gym and a friend said I looked to be buzzing.
    Two pills have around 328mg of caffeine where your average cup has just 28mg
    I did not have trouble sleeping. If you don’t want trouble sleeping then don’t take them so close to when you decide to retire.

  11. I have been taking semtex for the last 3 weeks: The first day l took Semtex l got really ill and had no energy and had no desire to eat. The next day l felt better however l haven’t noticed any change in my weight and for the last 2 days my chest has been feeling tight.

  12. Took 2 semtex @ 6 this morning then headed to the gym for 6.30!

    My face felt like it was on fire, but did enhance my ability to work harder without the feeling of lead on my legs!
    its now 11.30 & my heart rate has only got back to normal!

    I will not be taking these again! I’l stick to normal diet & exercise without the help of fat burners!

  13. I started taking these 4 days ago. I’ve had overwhelming nausea. I reduced it down to just 1 tablet, but it hasn’t gone away and here I am at 5am wide away not being able to sleep! I know these are not for everyone but I regret paying £30 now for just 5 pills. All the website reviews are 5 stars….. There needs to be an even mix of good and bad otherwise it just gives false hopes. I’m now going to stop taking mine and see if the nausea goes away and hopefully get some sleep!

  14. So I tried Semtex for 2 weeks, no difference to weight etc, only thing it seems to have done is mess up my cycle! Not impressed.

  15. I do a daily workout so have been taking two semtex every morning/lunch time for the past week 40 mins before my workout.

    It gives me an amazing boost and makes me sweat and push harder HOWEVER im suffering from very bad headaches and cant sleep even though im taking the tablets 8 hours if not more before im going to bed!

    This may be that I dont drink coffee or really have any high intake of caffine in my diet so at the moment im going to stick it out for the whole month and see if my body gets used to it!

  16. I took my first 2 tablets today before starting my workout. Half way through my work out I had to stop as I was feeling faint and vigerously shaking. I felt dizzy, sick and completely lost my appetite. But I do want to keep taking them to see if they actually work!!!

  17. I have stopped taking Semtex after 2.5 days !!

    The first time I took them was around 5.30pm before my 6pm workout and didnt feel any effect apart from only having about 3 hours sleep that night :( and then the following day I took them at 4.30pm and felt light headed and jittery throughout my whole workout.

    I had to really concentrate on my drive home as I felt unwell, and then had a continuous headache all evening and struggled to sleep again.

    Then I took one at 10am the following day as I thought I would spread them over 6 hours however 2 hours after I started to feel light headed/headachy/kittery and just generally strange – not good at all !! So definitely not for me….

  18. Its my 2nd week of taking semtex,first week was fine. More energy.

    2nd week came out bright red rash on face,chest,shoulders and arms. It did disappear after 2 hours.

    I’m use to taking diff fat burners ,so its weird I’ve broken out in this rash. So won’t b buying again. Let’s remember jodie has only been doin this for 2 mins. I’ve bn training for years x

  19. I am on my second day of using these, and i feel perfectly fine i take one when i wake up and one around 12 i also have been using the jmeal replacement alongside of these.

    I feel a little bit warmer as expected. As it supresses appetite some people don’t eat a balanced diet on them which you need as this will cause the nausea.

    Yesterday i tried to skip breakfast, and i had nausea i had some fruit on the way to uni and felt completely fine after that. I had my jmeal for lunch with another semtex, and a well balanced meal for tea and i got through the day just fine. Woke up this morning feeling amazing.

    Personally i think everyone is different.

  20. Used Semtex, took a good 45 mins before my workout on the treadmill, as soon as I stepped off 45 mins later i went dizzy & couldn’t see we’re I was going and almost fainted tripping over myself! I do feel that if you take these, it’s all in your head. We react in different ways, but motivation comes from your mind not a pill!! @pyschosoph

  21. I have just bought semtex thought I’d give it a go since all the great stories on Jodie marsh twitter feed! I am used to taking fat burners shred x and pyro mix no problem at all! Took two tablets after breakfast this morning before working out!!…I started getting a painful tummy ache literally 10 mins after taking them, so I drank a glass of milk! I then started to feel my face burn up, looked in the mirror, my whole face was red and slightly swollen! I then started to get a huge rash all around my neck, face, shoulders, behind my ears! I was dizzy and light headed!! It has taken about 3 hours for the rash to go, I still feel not 100%!! Whatever is in these there is something b that doesn’t agree with me, I’ll stick to the fat burners from usn a credibal name!!!!

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